Psychiatric Disorder (topic will be based on the psychiatric -mental health illness on the book you choose to read)

Psychiatric Disorder (topic will be based on the psychiatric -mental health illness on the book you choose to read)

PMHNPs are skilled clinicians that understand the brain, elements of psychiatric diagnoses, and treatment modalities that have psychiatric disorders. However, they do not always understand what it is like to be inside the experience of such a disorder. In this assignment, you are to choose a book written by someone with a psychiatric-mental health disorder and read it in preparation for this assignment.

Also, in Module 3, watch the YouTube video, “Temple Grandin – The Autistic Brain: Thinking Across the Spectrum”.

The purpose of this assignment is to facilitate the learner’s ability to understand the lived experience of having a psychiatric-mental health disorder, and its effect on the patient (and caregivers, if referenced in the chosen book). This experience encourages empathy that is appropriate to be used when treating a patient from a holistic perspective.

Assignment outcome:
At the conclusion of this assignment, the learner will be able to:

• Introduce the reader to the individual in the book with the psychiatric-mental health disorder

• Describe circumstances that led to the individual’s diagnosis (a historical overview)

• Describe how living with the psychiatric-mental health disorder impacts/impacted the daily life of the individual

• Discuss the ways in which the individual currently functions, and what treatment approaches have failed and that have worked (if any)

• Identify several ways in which reading this book and watching this video influences the care the learner will provide to future patients with psychiatric-mental health disorders

Feeds to Course Learning Outcome: CO1, CO2

Feeds to Program Outcomes: PO6, PO7, PO8

Create an APA formatted paper that follows the rubric below.

Your paper should be 6-8 pages, double spaced, which is approximately 2000 words.